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It is green lights and full speed ahead as fuel prices are not expected to alter your RV fun. According to travel experts, RV travel will remain popular, because despite higher fuel prices, it remains a highly affordable vacation.

Traveling by RV is such a comfortable, convenient way to travel and even after factoring in the cost of the vehicle, RV vacations cost less than trips that involve hotels, restaurants and rental cars.

RVers don’t move around every day, so the cost of fuel isn’t as significant as it is with many other motorists. Most drive to a campground and then stay a while. A round-trip of 200 miles only costs about $20 more at $2.50 a gallon than at $1.50 a gallon, and that extra expense won’t keep most RVers home.”

For families with a few children, vacations become even more expensive and taking the RV to a campground can offer savings.

Armed with our tips, you can hit the highways and enjoy yourself.

Why would you let the price of fuel keep you from living your dream and traveling? The cost of RV maintenance, fuel, and the cost of campgrounds are minimal expenses.

Are you willing to stop driving your car for a year? Stop heating your home for a year? Or stop turning on your lights for a year? Think about it. How many of you pay $3 or more for a six-pack of beer, or $1 or more for a small bottle of water? And how much do you pay for a bag of potato chips?

Life is a short one way trip, enjoy it to the fullest!

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