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As a general rule, you should make all inexpensive and simple repairs and maintenance yourself. Leave more complicated repairs and services to the professionals. Use your best judgment about repairs that should make sound financial sense.

Some simple maintenance to do yourself includes:
Change the oil and oil filter.
Replace all burnt out bulbs and fuses.
Lubricate door hinges
Check all fluid levels and refill fluids, as needed.

Tow bars do wear. Most motorhome owners are so strict with their maintenance routine on their units that they hardly exceed the window of oil changes by more than a few miles if at all. Maintaining a tow bar is just as important and just as potentially costly if ignored.

Protect your generator carburetor for reliable starting and smooth engine operation. Run your generator each month by operating it under 50% load for at least 60 minutes. Add a quality fuel preservative every 6 months to retard common fuel varnishing.

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